Importance of Media Monitoring

Importance of Media Monitoring

What is media monitoring and analysis?

Media monitoring is the process of listening to millions of conversations on the web to determine what’s being said about a particular brand, issue, topics, etc. with the help of media monitoring tools.

The pieces of information gathered by a media monitoring tool can give you valuable insight into how your business is portrayed in the digital (and offline) media. You can use this knowledge in many different ways such as:

  • Brand reputation management
  • Customer service
  • Crisis management
  • Measuring the results of our marketing campaigns
  • Measuring the reach of social media posts and dedicated hashtags
  • Competition research
  • Market research


But we wouldn’t get these insights without hard data. Media monitoring tools offer you a wide range of stats, metrics, and analysis features such as:

  • Total number of mentions
  • Estimated social media reach
  • Social media interactions (shares and likes)
  • The number of videos
  • The number of positive and negative mentions
  • The number of mentions from blogs and forums

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