Market & Social Research

We strive to assist our clients build strong brands and services through innovative market and social research and brand consulting. We understand that research must be well communicated and as such we translate research information and findings into meaningful, timely, accurate and usable insights so our clients can make informed decisions that help them get value for money and provide strategic decisions to their investments and projects. In addition, we help our clients by tailoring research insights into user-friendly presentations that suit different audiences so that it is more accessible. The areas in which we specialise:
  • Knowledge Attitude & Practise Studies
  • Customer service and customer values modelling
  • Consumer research
  • Customer satisfaction and KPI studies
  • Employee satisfaction and work environment studies
  • Mystery shopping
  • Retail audits
  • Brand positioning studies
  • Segmentation
  • Secondary marketing information through access to worldwide databases
  • Geographic mapping services for site location and profiling
  • Product testing
  • Feasibility studies
  • New product development and assessment
  • Pricing studies
  • Media out-put testing and Ad-testing
  • Opinion Research

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